How To Lay A Walkway With The DIY Concrete Paver Molds

All of the DIY concrete paver molds were plastic,With injection process to be a plastic mold,So you can get any shape and design by customized. Generally they will be used of walkway,pathway or driveway and so on.

The most popular style of DIY concrete paver molds for pathway as below:

DIY concrete paver molds

A few of DIY concrete paver molds for plant grass:

DIY concrete paving molds

When we clear the functionality of these DIY concrete paver molds, Then we also need know that how to lay something using the concrete paver molds, Just 3 steps:

First, Prepare all the tools and materials,Decided the laying designs of your liked.

Tools maybe included shovels, wooden hammers, mixing tools, etc., Of course, The most important thing is don’t forget the DIY concrete paver molds-plastic molds.

Mixed concrete materials,Cement, Pebbles, Sand, Paint powder, Water and so on, Note this,If you want to keep smooth of the pavement, Then you need to choose the smaller pebbles.

Second, Pouring the mixed concrete into the DIY concrete paver molds, According the temperature to decide the demoulding time,Maybe about 3-4 hours,Maybe about 1-2 days,Except the temperature,How many water in concrete also was important factor.

Third, After demoulding finished then follow the design to start laying,Just like building blocks,Move it up,Make it by yourself:)

Project of DIY paver molds

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