Reinforced Concrete Culvert Pipe Molds

Concrete Culvert Pipe Molds

Concrete Culvert Pipe Molds

Material: Casting Steel
Diameter: 300-3000mm
Weight: Depending on one the length and size
Certification: ISO, CE
Supply Ability: 200 Acre/Acres per Month
Origin: Zhejiang China

Professional concrete pipe molds manufacturer in the production of concrete and reinforced concrete drain the necessary machines, mold has a reasonable structure, easy to use, have enough strength and stiffness, safe and reliable. The mold adopts hanging roller tubes are PH tube steel, F steel socket pipe jacking steel die, tongue-and-groove Danish pipe steel, socket, tongue-and-groove small flat steel, etc.

Concrete Culvert Pipe Molds

Advantages of concrete pipe molds:

  1. Saving a great deal of steel, about 30~70% (employing cold drawn steel wire can save 30%~60%; employing high-stress steel wire can save 40%~69%).
  2. Crack resistance can increase about 3~5 times.
  3. Rigidity increases 1~3 times.
  4. Reducing the cost (using cold drawn steel wire can reduce 25%~40%; using high-stress steel wire can reduce 12%~21%).
  5. Good durability can delay the existence and expansion of cracks.
  6. Protect the environment on which human beings depend for existence, and reduce deforestation.

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