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The Most Popular Type of Concrete Molds


Supply lot of precast concrete molds for handicrafts


Interlocking Block | Ditch Channel | Balustrade | Manhole Cover | Steel Concrete Forms | Construction Forms

Concrete Molds & Forms Finished Precasting Concrete Blocks

Various sizes of hexagonal blocks.  Solid, Hollow, Mainly construction projects are: water conservancy embankment slope protection.

Various sizes and shaped of concrete  interlocking blocks, Self-Locking, Snap-In, Retaining Wall, Grid, Customized etc. Mainely construction projects are: water conservancy embankment slope protection.

View the pictures of some slope protection projects. The main concrete precast molds are: Hollow or solid hexagon concrete block molds & Plastic interlocking block molds.

Mainly used for prefabrication of concrete ditches for agricultural planting, Is an important way to promote agricultural modernization.

This is an efficient slope protection measure that has been practiced by countless infrastructure constructions in China.

Large-scale embankment combined construction project, The arched concrete forms as framework, And filling hexagon or other hollow shape concrete blocks to grass planting, Ecological slope protection.

It’s not an ordinary household guardrail fence post molds, Mainly used for construction. We also call it concrete subgrade fence molds.

U type & Double U type concrete ditch channel molds. Plastic ABS material, High quality for precasting.

Mainly prefabricated concrete edge blocks for urban roads. With concrete flat stones too.

For some high-strength scenes, RPC material should be mix the concrete.

Types: Circle shaped, Square shaped, Non-slip, accept OEM ODM customized.

Concrete drainage rain well cover, Application as same as concrete drainage cover.

According to the structural design of the concrete ditch, there are notches on the two ends of the side to facilitate the inspection of the ditch blockage.

Precasting curved well wall blocks, Of course other shaped included too.

It is definitely the most efficient molds in the precast concrete industry. DIY concrete paver molds & forms for personalized, and steel concrete paver forms for construction.

This is the extension of concrete paver molds. Prefabricated concrete bricks have a or many holes structure, and these holes are used for planting, This has played a big role in the green coverage of the city.

For the best customer service, We provide the concrete pigments and concrete brightener also, Of course it purchased from other supplier. LCMOLDS.COM produce the concrete molds & forms only.

Just the parts of concrete walkway projects images.

Types: flat style concrete insulation board molds and flat with footers.

Concrete sign piles largely used on highway sides. It may also be a boundary marker. Fence balustrade concrete molds for decoration.

If you are building a modern animal husbandry farm, then this concrete molds should be able to help you, of course, it is not recommended to breed particularly heavy, such as cattle.

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