How To Use The Cement Paver Molds To Pouring Concrete Bricks

If want to enhance the visual effect of urban road construction, The colorful concrete bricks was essential, So the quality of the cement paver molds and product finished used in the manufacture of various concrete bricks is also particularly important for field construction.

The cement paver molds mainly according to its type to be specific planning, Mainly made by plastic ABS and Polypropylene with injection process, And they will be used in projects of driveway and walkway construction.

cement paver molds

Although there are more type of cement paver molds, But all cement paver molds with similar construction technology and the pouring ratio, The key is still in accordance with the depth of the cement paver molds to adjust the ratio of color layer thickness, Too thick will increase production costs, And too thin and easy to affect the actual appearance of quality, So in the pouring process we must confirm the relevant size.

In accordance with practical experience, LCMOLDS.COM recommend the specific construction process and the ratio is as follows:

Preparation Of Raw Materials And Production tools

As the production of cement paver molds and cement, Sand, Paint, Brightener and other raw materials to prepare, General the concrete bricks will be red, Green and yellow colors, Then you need to have iron oxide red, Phthalocyanine green and yellow iron oxide powder and so on, Of course, Also you need to prepare some supporting mechanical facilities, Such as vibration platform, Cement concrete mixer.

5 Steps to precasting the cement paver bricks & blocks

Step 1:

The first step is definitely a variety of color surface layer of raw materials, Cement 100 kg, With 20 kg of pigment powder and 200 kg of gravel mixed to uniform, And then into the 10 kg of brightener and 50 kg of water mixed with the liquid to continue to stir to not thin thick state.

concrete bricks

Step 2:

Bottom material ratio,100 kg of cement, 100 kg of gravel into a certain water to stir the color layer can be similar to the state can be viscous.

Step 3:

Put the mixed of color concrete to pouring the cement paver molds, Here is particularly critical, We only need to inject the color surface layer, So the actual pouring thickness was 0.5-1 cm , We can be used the vibration platform shock to flattened state.

Step 4:

Wait about 40 minutes, Pouring the mixed of bottom materials into the cement paver molds, Vibration formation.

Step 5:

Conservation for about 12 hours can be used to molding remove, In the conservation process, Do not placed in the open air and try to avoid sun exposure or rain, It had great impact for the quality of colorful concrete bricks.

If you are professional cement products manufacturer, Then in the details should know more, How to deal with concrete bricks after the molding remove of cement paver molds, LCMOLDS.COM suggest is the first to clean up the residue of brick inside the cement paver molds, Orderly stacked in the indoor storage environment for next project. For the sake of saving production costs is quite necessary, After all it just a plastic mold, If Improper handling will be aging.

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