Roman Column Concrete Mold

Head of Roman Column Concrete Mold

Roman column concrete molds

Type: Cylinder roman column
Height Size: 3.55M/3.6M/3.65M/ Customized
Origin: Zhejiang China
Material: Plastic ABS
Color: Ivory
Parts: Plastic Locks
Features: Roman Column

The Roman column concrete mold just consists of three parts, There are: Head of the column mold, Cylinder of the column and bottom of the column mold. This Roman column concrete mold has been popular for a long time,So in order to be able to more simple construction, the design has also been improved.

Precast of Roman Column Concrete Mold


1.Full buckle design, Easy to disassembly.
2.Upgrade the thickness of the Roman column concrete mold industry standards, The thickness upgrade to 2.5 CM, Out of the old case 2 CM.
3.Professional demoulding port design, Easy to Dismantling the Roman column concrete mold.
4.Especially to create a 1 cm regulation, Adjust the height more accurate.

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78 thoughts on “Roman Column Concrete Mold”

  1. Nathaniel S Benz

    I’m interested in your different column molds and their prices. Is there a brochure or easy way to check their prices and sizes?

  2. Hi I’m interested to buy one of the Roman Column Concrete Mold from you could you tell me the price including delivery to UK Post code CM7 1DZ and how long could take to arrive please
    Many thanks
    Kind Regards

  3. I would like to order the Roman Column concrete mold. I want to order just the Head part of the column and not all three parts.

  4. Hi! Please could you please send me with Chorintian Roman Pillars Moulds and the price shipped to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? My telephone/Wassup is 0060176689789.

  5. Hi Iam looking at starting a business in molds for residential construction, I would be grateful if you can supply a list of molds and prices pls.

  6. Moez Ben mansour

    Roman Column Concrete Mold
    How much Roman Column Concrete Mold costs with delivery to the United states. to New jersey. and how to perches it?
    Thank you!

  7. Hi,
    I like to buy one set of Roman column mold.
    1) How much it cost?
    2) shipment to Blaine WA USA
    3) how long it takes?

  8. Hello, I’m looking for a quote for this Roman column mold. We are wanting one that is 2.5m tall from foot to cap and approximately 30cm in diameter.
    We also want to know the price for just the cap by itself if you sell those individually.
    Please also include the shipping price to the USA in the quote. Thank you.

  9. Hii’m interested in your coliom molds both square and young.can you please give me some prices.thanks Robert.

  10. i need roman column mold.head bottom cylinder
    35cm and 30cm
    but now not ready when im ready well prepare the deal.

  11. I’m looking for a 8 foot tall roman concrete column post mold. I need to know the price and how long will it take me to receive it.

  12. I am interested in your column molds, can you send us prices please and any information regarding the cost of shipping to Ohio USA 44305

    thank you

    joseph c.

  13. I saw the column fluted mold. what are the sizes of the finished product?? and what is the cost of the molds?? itemized please ifyou sell them separately.
    I also need to know the details and what the overall height
    of the column. and does the capital come with it or not??
    thank you

  14. I saw the column fluted mold. what are the sizes of the finished product?? and what is the cost of the molds?? itemized please ifyou sell them separately.
    thank you

  15. I need 2 forms for Round Tapered(entasis) Smooth Roman Concrete Columns.
    I already have the capitals and bases so the forms don’t need to include them.

    Larger column is 201″ length, 40″ diameter bottom, 30″ diameter top.
    Smaller column is 94″ length, 20″ diameter bottom, 15″ diameter top.

  16. I’m interested in a Roman column concrete mold to be used for table legs. I’m looking st 18” high total. Do you have anything like that?

  17. Hermilo palacios

    I need price of base , capital and cylinder in 10 inch and 12 inch
    How much cost shipping


  18. Please how big is this cement column mold container .Let me know seize please my number is 1-508-410-9633 ,I mean the round one please thanks

  19. Roman column concrete mould:
    Can I order the capital (column head) of the mould for a diameter of 12 inch. How much will this cost.

  20. Can you supply me with some costing for these and also information the different ranges of sizes & styles plus costing.


    1868 337-3910

    1. I never got a reply either. Not sure if they have a fluted tapered top mold and base mold to match a starter also. I need a wide base mold of at least 12 inches on topside and 22-24 inches bottom side, three pieces, base, starter, and top tapered fluted mold to fit those sizes. column starter of 12 inches and tapered to 10 inches at the top. I wish they would notify me.

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