Precast Concrete Manhole Cover Molds

precast concrete manhole cover

Concrete Manhole Cover Molds

Type: Manhole Cover
Size: Φ60*6 CM
Origin: Zhejiang China
Material: PP(Polypropylene)
Color: White
Features: Anti-skid

The manhole covers are the closures leading to the entrance of the underground facility, When we installation of tap water, electricity, telecommunications, burning, heat, fire, sanitation and other public facilities,Required to laying the manhole covers,So using the precast concrete manhole cover molds will be better.

concrete manhole cover mold

This precast concrete manhole cover molds also used PP plastic by injection process, Anti-skid designs with vines and cross carving pattern,And there is a circle of blank in the center of precast concrete manhole cover,The function is could be to add any type of warning signs for anywhere.

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