Customized Concrete Interlocking Tiles Moulds

Concrete Interlocking Tiles Moulds

Concrete Interlocking Tiles Moulds

Type: Interlocking
Size: 40*40*(20-21) CM
Origin: Zhejiang China
Material: Plastic (Polypropylene)
Color: White
Features: Precast interlocking tiles

This section of the concrete interlocking tiles moulds mainly uses a custom design, this interlocking tiles main appearance on the main appearance of small under the big shape, the top of the smaller design of a small wave of the appearance of the middle of the mold where the design of the cable groove, So that the castings of concrete interlocking tiles with the use of the cable can still be convenient. And the interlocking tiles moulds design has two larger holes, this design is to ensure that the production of water conservancy protection in the use of the process can have a better grip.

Concrete Interlocking Tiles Moulds

Interlocking Tiles Moulds

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