Maple Leaf Shaped Concrete Paving Moulds For Sale

Maple Leaf Shaped Concrete Paving Moulds

Concrete Paving Moulds

Type: Walkway Molds
Size: 25.3*22*5cm
Origin: Zhejiang China
Material: Polypropylene
Color: White
Features: Maple leaf shape combination design,the prefabricated concrete bricks surface with Non-slip

This style of the road maple leaf shaped concrete paving moulds mainly uses the new Polypropylene as raw material, the excellent injection molding machinery after the hot melt injection molding process, the main design style to three-leaf design, is a very unique and unique color brick Mold. in general, when using such molds to process pavement colored bricks, purely cast gray cement is less than the color effect, so we have to add the appropriate oxidized pigments to play the true effect of this color brick mold.

Concrete Paving Moulds Size

With the rapid development of urban traffic environment,concrete colorful bricks made by concrete paving moulds is not only convenient for street construction at the same time, but also enhance the city’s environmental taste, and this one, maple leaf shaped concrete paving moulds in the role of the position sufficient to reflect its Play the role.


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    I just want to ask how much is the mold (maple leaf shaped paving mold)? Is the price is per piece?


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