Concrete Slotted Hog Flooring Molds

Concrete Slotted Hog Flooring - 2

Pecasting Cement Slotted Flooring Forms

Material: Plastic PP
Molds Color: White
Reusable: Yes
Application: Aquaculture
MOQ > 50 pcs
Features: sow, piglet, breeding pig


L220 x W60 Hole W: 1.6CM
L150 x W60 Hole W: 2.3CM
L200 x W60 Hole W: 2.3CM
L240 x W60 Hole W: 2.3CM
L220 x W60 Hole W: 2.3CM
L110 x W60 Hole W: 1.6CM
L105 x W60 Hole W: 1.6CM
L150 x W60 Hole W: 1.6CM
L180 x W60 Hole W: 2.3CM
L150 x W60 Hole W: 2.3CM
L110 x W60 Hole W: 2.3CM

The modern breeding industry requires more professional breeding sites, and the concrete slotted hog flooring formwork prefabricated by concrete molds are more convenient for sanitation and cleaning and reduce the chance of virus infestation.

Concrete Slotted Hog Flooring - 2

All of the cement slotted flooring molds processed by injcection, high quality, resuable and super durable.

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