Garden Concrete Flower Pots Molds

concrete flower pots molds

Garden flower pots molds

Type: Large planter molds
Size: 55×50 CM
Origin: Zhejiang China
Material: Plastic ABS + Fiberglass
Color: Ivory + Green
Parts: Plastic locks
Features: Precast gardening flower pots

The concrete flower pots molds just for garden and patio, If you want also could used in villa ornament. And made by plastic ABS materials in injection processing.

plastic flower pots molds

This concrete flower pots molds had 2 parts:

1.Post parts * 3pcs
2.Liner parts *1, Such as a grasses.


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76 thoughts on “Garden Concrete Flower Pots Molds”

  1. Do you have the large planter pot molds for sale in these sizes . 80×60 cm, 60×41 cm and 55×50 cm. If so could I get a price on each shipped to canada . Thank You.

  2. I am interested in the Roman column twisted column and cap molds as well as the flower pot molds.

    How much are they and how much is shipping to Fort Worth Texas?

    Thank you

  3. Hi need a prices for your various size and design gardenn pot moulds for use with precast concrete.
    Also send me a catalogue.
    +254 717991799. Also my whats app no.

  4. I would like to order 2 things
    1. Roman column concrete mold
    2. Garden concrete flower pot mold
    Let me know the pricing for each of the above item and the shipping charges to US

  5. Avatar
    Debra Richardson

    I live I in California, USA.I would like to buy 2 or 3 molds from you. Can I buy small quanity molds from you? if it is possibly for me to buy only a few molds from you ,how much would tha approx. shipping be and how long would it take to receive the molds. Thank you I love your molds I cant seem to find them available in the YOU HAVE A usa DISTRIBUTOR I COULD PUCHAE YOUR MOLDS FROM?


  7. Hi,
    I’m interested in buying molds of different garden and indoor objects. Including planters, columns, statues etc.
    Please let me know what mold are available and prices.
    Best regards

  8. Avatar
    Jeff Sitali Namangolwa

    Kindly help me with all images of concrete flower pot molds for both exterior and interior decor. I want to start this business.

  9. Avatar
    Gregory Jack Lowe

    I’m very interested in starting a flower pot business. Would like to inquire about your molds. Thank you for a reply. Sincerely, Jack Lowe

  10. Avatar
    Carolyn Rasheed

    Good Day, Can you give me the cost of the concrete flower pot molds that you have available before and after shipping cost to Trinidad. Thank you.

  11. Price of this
    Size: 55×50 CM
    Origin: Zhejiang China
    Material: Plastic ABS + Fiberglass
    Color: Ivory + Green
    Parts: Plastic locks
    Features: Precast gardening flower pots

  12. How much for the flowers planter mold 80″×60″?
    I want to fill it up with concrete
    How many cast can I do with it?
    (How many concrete planters.?

  13. I would like to see molds for fountains…. Planters…. Columns….And big statues for castles parks…..want to make out of concrete
    Thanks and aloha from Hawaii

  14. Hello,
    I am interested in your flower urn mold.
    Please send me more photos of the avalible molds you have.
    I am located in Sweden. I am just interested in a few. It depends on the price!
    Have a great day

  15. Avatar
    Kasun Kaushalya

    Hello, I am Kasun from Sri Lanka. May i know price about flower pot molds price. And how about the shipping charges to colombo harbour Sri Lanka.
    Thank you!!!

  16. Avatar

    Kindly give me more specific details of garden concrete flower pots molds. Give me also quotation to be send in the Philippines.

  17. hi i would like to know the prices on concrete flower pot molds and column molds. also what would be freight to adelaide, south australia.
    Regards Shawn.

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