Basic Setting of Sound Barrier Project

The use of sound barriers is often used on the outer edges of both sides of the bridge. Usually, the main sidewalk railings, sidewalk baffles and sound barriers used in the more common sound barrier projects are mainly made of sound barrier steel molds during the molding process.

The use of sound barriers in sound barrier projects is mainly set up according to the environment in which they are used. The sound barriers can be built-in, integral or ultra-high-strength concrete sound barriers, natural road baffles, or integral sound barriers according to requirements The prefabricated structure is tied together with reserved steel bars and the bridge deck Suqiang A reserved steel bars as required, and then cast-in-situ vertical wall concrete is connected to the bridge as a whole and installed on the bridge deck.

Steel concrete forms for sound barrier
Steel concrete forms for sound barrier
  1. In the section where no sound barrier is required, sidewalk baffles or railings can be selected according to the needs of the landscape (the material of the railings is made of sound screen railing steel molds and sound barrier plastic concrete fence railing molds), sidewalk shutters are used to connect sidewalk railings, There are four types of sidewalk baffles and sidewalk shields, and the main lengths are 1996, 2328, 1778, and 1678mm. Each type of shutter is different according to its setting position, its structure and embedded parts are different, according to the specific bridge length to select the type, if necessary, you can adjust the length of the beam end preform.
  2. The structure of the plug-in sound barrier and the integral sound barrier shall meet the requirements of the current standards. The plug-in sound barrier shutters are divided into two heights according to the type of the bridge deck track structure. The F type shutter is used for the ballastless track bridge deck; the H type shutter The slab is used for the bridge deck with the ballasted track, and the length of the two types of shutters is the same as that of the sidewalk shutters. The specific selection is based on the length of the bridge, and the length of the beam end preform can be adjusted if necessary, but it should be ensured that the distance between the two pre-embedded centers of the plug-in sound barrier shutter is not more than 2m when considering the expansion and contraction of the beam joint.
  3. When using ultra-wall concrete sound screens, the sound barrier unit and the vertical wall A reserved steel bars are welded to bind the C40 concrete. The effective transmission of the sound barrier load and the vertical wall A should be ensured to meet the requirements of vertical wall A. The ultra-high-strength concrete sound barrier The structure and construction technology should meet the requirements of “Ultra-high-strength concrete ultra-barrier for railway bridges”.
  4. The design load of sidewalk baffle and sound barrier shall consider the following load calculations. If the actual load is greater than the design load, corresponding check calculations should be carried out, and strengthening measures should be taken if necessary.

(1) The horizontal thrust of the sidewalk railing is 0.75kN/m;
(2) The wind force is calculated according to the earlier standard design wind pressure value, which is 1250pa;
(3) The wind load of the train is calculated according to 1000pa;
(4) The weight of the sidewalk baffle on each side is calculated at 6.9KN/m;
(5) See the picture for the foundation load of the sound barrier on the bridge;

5. Since the center of gravity of the sidewalk shutters, baffles, or sound barriers is outside the bridge deck, attention should be paid to the horizontally extending steel bars and the reserved steel bars of the vertical wall A to avoid instability during the installation of the shutters, baffles or sound screens. occur.

6. When setting up a catenary content foundation or anchoring and pulling the wire foundation as the division, the cover is used. The connecting steel bars of the sidewalk baffle and the integral sound barrier should be tied with the pillar foundation steel bars, and then the catenary pillar foundation or the anchor cable foundation concrete should be poured.

7. When the distance between the catenary pillar and the end is adjusted, first ensure that the catenary pillar foundation and the lower anchor cable foundation position shield (baffle) are installed, and appropriately adjust the size of the two ends to become faster.

8.When the sidewalk baffle structure is adopted on both sides of the upper span bridge, if a protective net needs to be installed, connecting bolts can be added to the vertical ribs of the sidewalk baffle.

The above is the detailed procedures of the sound barrier project in the construction process. Professional concrete molds manufacturers suggests that: The reasonable the steel concrete forms to be used in the later period, whether it is in use or after pouring.

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