LCMOLDS Concrete Retaining Wall Block Molds Set

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Material: Plastic PP (Super Durable) Reused times: More than 100 times Retaining Wall Block Size: L40 x W32 x H15 CM / L16″ x W13″ x H6″ Package Contents: 1 Pc x Retaining Wall Block Mold FEATURES:
  • Plant grass on the retaining wall, Vegetation roots are stronger against soil erosion and more beautiful.
  • With different oxide iron pigments to precasting more colorful retaining wall blocks.
  • Cheap price for DIY precasting retaining wall blocks, It is just the cost of purchasing cement, which can save about 90% of your project cost.
  • Plastic molds processed by injection.
Green Ecosystem Concrete Retaining Wall Block Molds For Sale, looking for any kinds of concrete block molds, cement forms, just go LCMOLDS.COM to get big discounts. Your garden, Of course you have to decorate it by yourself, what? Too much trouble, you are going to buy some retaining wall blocks to stack? It’s soulless :) Imagine the feeling of planting grass on a retaining wall, of course, you can also try some other plants. concrete retaining wall block molds green ecosystem - 4

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Base on injection process, we focus on plastic ABS molds & plastic Polypropelene molds more than 15 years. CATALOG OF CONCRETE MOLDS: Commercial concrete planter molds, Roman column molds, Breeze block molds, Baluster molds, DIY walk maker forms and other Garden decor molds etc.

Silicone molds for concrete have always been in a very high position among DIY enthusiasts. Inexpensive, easy to make, are its main advantages. Such as: Small planter molds, Candle molds, Soap molds, Skull molds etc.

Normally, The latex molds only for custom service, because it is the most cost-effective manufacturing process for customizing a small order of molds. Of course, silicone molds can also do this, The choice of latex or silicone ultimately depends on the customization needs of customers. The most common is to use in the production of concrete / plaster sculptures.

In the true sense, the size of industrial-grade concrete molds is very large, which has a great test for the durability of mold materials. Therefore, steel and fiberglass are the best choices. The disadvantage is that they can only be applied to engineering projects with relatively simple shapes. Such as utility poles, sewer wells, prefabrication of culverts, etc. At present, LCMOLDS accepted customized services only.



Prefabricated raw materials (concrete, silica gel, plaster, etc.), molds, release agent(for Plastic Molds only),gloves, goggles, scales, mixing tools, support, operating instructions, etc.

These will be better to help you complete the project.

Usually we often talk that the mold release agent is mainly used in plastic(ABS, PP) molds. Before pouring, it should be applied on the inner wall of the mold first. The advantage is that it is convenient to demould after the prefabrication is completed.

Molds made of other materials, such as silicone molds, are not suitable.

Concrete needs to be mixed, so you must control the ratio of various raw materials. During the pouring process, the construction should be done slowly and at a constant speed. When necessary, a vibrating table or a vibrating rod is required to remove the air bubbles in the concrete. After completion, wait for the concrete to solidify and form, depending on the temperature or environment, ordinary concrete takes 4-12 hours.

For the demoulding of large-sized concrete blocks, you can use a rubber hammer to lightly hit all angles of the mold, and the finished product will fall off naturally-provided that the mold release agent has been applied to the inner wall of the mould.

After the finished concrete is demoulded, its strength is not fully hardened, so it must be placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally (it takes about 12-24 hours). Note: Prohibit sun exposure and rain.


✅ If  have more perfect DIY molds or know how to easy concrete precasting or molding release, please give us more of your ideas, maybe, you love to help more families.

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  • Donna Sackett

    My brother hated it! He don't like do it by himself.

    I have wall projects all over the yard and love to have the creative edge to make my own mark. The mold is top quality and delighted that with pennies to the dollar, I can afford to make as many as I want. It will pay for itself after I use it 15 times. I’ll let you know in what condition the mold is in after 15 uses.

    February 24, 2023
    Verified Purchase

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  • George LeMaster

    Stone cold mold!

    Great product, easy to use. I was able to make some slight incline adjustments with the concrete making an ever so slight not to level wall level. Awesome.

    February 12, 2023
    Verified Purchase

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  • Lori Susmark

    Simple to use/great end product

    These things are awesome. I originally bought 3 molds because someone said an 80lb bag would do six blocks… I found out that the 11.5 blocks I get 2 molds or 4 blocks total. I got one more so I can do 8 blocks a day. It’s extremely simple to use… just mix fill and let them sit over night. Buy concrete in bulk at 3.45 an 80 lb bag and it cost $0.86 per brick compaired to the $2.60 per at HD. Oh yeah, the release of these molds is amazing! Some of the other molds I’ve used require a release agent to get these bad boys out. All I’ve had to do with these molds is flip them upside down, and pull the mold off like a glove. Final product comes out very nice!

    January 12, 2023
    Verified Purchase

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  • Leo Di Cesare

    Glad to try

    Can’t wait to try it, I’ve started my retaining wall project, also i will plant grass for green

    March 12, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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